Frequently Asked Questions about WallpapersAlley

What is WallpapersAlley?
WallpapersAlley is one of the best websites providing a wide range of curated top-class backgrounds and wallpapers for your PC, laptop or smartphone. These beautiful enticing images are absolutely free to setup. Our website offers you +25 thematically-based categories of extremely popular wallpapers available to view and download in one click.
Our motto is ‘We work to make you happy!’
How is WallpapersAlley content organized?
Our excellent collections are organized in categories; the latter capture the most popular global trends, so you will easily find something unique for your desktop. The categories are located on the top menu of our website, you will have only to click on the chosen one.
Can I use your wallpaper on my own website? For my LinkedIn page or YouTube channel?
The wallpapers are provided for personal non-commercial use only. All images are copyright to their respective owners.
How can I download wallpapers?
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Most of our wallpapers fit any screen, so feel free to fill your tablet, Android or desktop with fresh colours. Having any problems when downloading? See the following steps:
How to change your Windows 10 wallpaper
Not a problem, just check out the Windows support page for getting the detailed instruction.
How to install your iPhone wallpaper
Got an iPhone and want to download our cool wallpaper? Please, visit the official Apple support help page on how to change the wallpaper on iPhone.
How to download your Android wallpaper
Are you an Android user? You have to check their Android version first. Please, follow the steps described on the Android support page.
How can I contact you?
If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to add your own ultimate design to be loaded to our featured collection, please use our contact form to contact us.